The Beginner's Guide to Flyball

The Beginner’s Guide to Flyball covers everything you need to know about the exciting dog sport of flyball, including:
  • How to transform your dog from a beginner to a flyball champion, using positive training techniques and the latest methods
  • How to troubleshoot many of the common flyball training issues and challenges
  • Where to find a flyball club in your area (or how to start your own club)
  • How the rules and titles work in both North American flyball organizations
  • What to expect at a flyball tournament
  • What equipment you’ll need and how to find or make it

Whether you're just starting out and learning from scratch, or are already competing and want to improve, The Beginner's Guide to Flyball walks you through the process in a friendly, conversational and reassuring way.

20% of all royalties will go to the National Canine Cancer Foundation in memory of my Border Collie, Vette, and all the other great dogs out there who have battled hemangiosarcoma and other canine cancers.

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