Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dear NAFA,
It's been 10 days since the nominations for the board of directors, Hall of Fame, and MVP were due. Can you please make some sort of announcement so that all the brave, excellent people who stepped up to run for the board this year actually know who they're running against?

To those of you that did throw your hat into the ring -- I'm proud of you! Even if I don't know who the hell you are yet. :)


Kate said...

Don't forget the judge of the year!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea.....please add to the announcement:

1,000 mile band on any sanctioning of NAFA tournaments that same weekend as CanAM (ignoring NAFA's own written By-Laws of 200 Mile range).

The $75.00 for a electrical drop.

Not listing the table workers on the website...they are listing the line and box judges....I wonder why they left them off?

Linda said...

Regarding the 1,000 mile tourney-ban for areas within the CanAm whereby the decision was made which ignores the existing rule (i.e., 200 miles) and is based on an "unwritten & non-published rule" most folks do not realize this is within the scope of the powers given the ED and BoD.

Given the information I am aware of at this time, in my perspective, this decision is completely bias-based and is actually a detriment to the NAFA flyball community.

Most folks think that the same rules apply to everyone who plays NAFA flyball. Most folks think delegate voting ensures they have a voice in policy and decisions. Sadly, they are mistaken.

Most NAFA participants and club owners do not know this type of decision has been made. It has not been published to my knowledge. Most participants and club owners do not know that similar decisions have been made in the past and continue to be made over and over again. Things will get worse if the proposed new By-Laws were approved at the August, 7, 2010 BoD meeting.

In my perspective, the proposed By-Law changes contain several authorities and powers that will now be given to the ED (in writing) which in essence will greatly increase and legitimize perceived bias and preferential decision-making by the ED. The new By-Law authorities given the ED do not require substantiation by anything written or published and allow for total autonomy without true accountability. The changes will give not only the ED but also the BoD free reign in making any decision they want, including adding more board members (i.e., expansion) without a voting process or term limits, dismissing a board member without cause, suspending a participant or club based on something that is not written or published anywhere. These new authorities will also apply to Distribution of Delegate Votes and Rules Governing Delegate Voting; even this process and changes to it will no longer have to be written and published anywhere.

I provided comments to the BoD suggesting they include words such as “written & published”, “willful” when referencing an infraction and only the use of the formal “Rules of Racing and Policies and Procedures” rather than a catch-all phrase that references something that may or may not be written and published.

Now, added to the mix are unwritten, unpublished and preferential decisions governing the CanAm.

It will be very telling when the final By-Laws are approved and it will provide clarity about their overall intentions in guiding and ruling NAFA flyball.

Anonymous said...


I am surprised that you do not remember from your time on the BOD that until the BOD have a in person meeting to go over all nominations to make sure that all people and dogs that are nominated for anything are actually eligable to run for what ever they are up for. For instance all are in good standing, HOF dogs are eligable by the requirements to be nominated which also goes for region MVP. Hall of Fame nominations also a lot of times have to be brought down to 5 nominations should there be more than that. Also many nominations have been excused for having to many words. I am sure that the BOD would have to have gone through all the judges nominated for JOY to make sure all are eligable as well.


Lisa Pignetti Murnan said...

You know, Brian, I honestly forgot all about that. I remember in some past years they released the names of the candidates in a separate press release (apart from the HoF, MVP, etc.) to go ahead and get the names out there earlier.

They met this past Saturday, right? So hopefully they'll have something up soon.

thanks for setting me straight!

Lisa Pignetti Murnan said...

There's an announcement up on the NAFA website:

Go there to see the nominees for Hall of Fame, MVP, and Judge of the Year. Here are the ED/Board of Director nominees:

Executive Director:
- Lee Heighton

Board of Directors (3 positions):
- Eric Foster
- Alisa Romaine
- Curtis Smith
- Ally Stern
- Christine VanWert
- Dave Walt

It's great to see so many people on the list this year! :)

Anonymous said...

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