Thursday, October 18, 2012

Need your help identifying the people & dogs in these photos

The Flyball book project is moving merrily along and I'm finally to the point where I'm finalizing photos. 

I'm hoping you guys can help me identify the dogs and people in each of the photos below. I'd like to include as many names and details as possible in the book. 

You can either comment at the end of the post and add your details there, or email me at 

Thanks so much for your help and support!!!!!

Actually, I'd also like to share the book cover with you  :).  This pic was taken by Len Silvester of TTL Photo and features Connie Croley's 10-year-old Border Collie Vixen, handled by 13-year-old Riley Erlenbeck on Pawbusters. It's one of my favorite flyball photos ever! Love the cocked ear and spit trail. 

The following pics are also by Len, these are some of the ones I need your help identifying:


From the 2011 U-FLI Championship, possibly a dog from Paws on Fire?


I know this is Burnin' Rubber, but don't know names! It's from the 2011 U-FLI Championship


2011 U-FLI Championship, possibly from Synergy?


2011 U-FLI Champioship, from RPM?


2011 U-FLI Championship, from NET?


I love this dog's crazy eyes. This one is from the 2011 U-FLI Championships, River City Flyers?


2011 U-FLI Championship, Bi-State Performance Dogs?


2011 U-FLI Championship, Organized Chaos?


2011 U-FLI Championship. I know this is Rude Dogs, but don't know all the names (dogs & people).


2011 Touch N Go tourney. Woof Gang?


2011 U-FLI Championship. I know it's Sure Shots, but don't know all the names.


2011 U-FLI Championship, Bordering on Insanity?


2011 U-FLI Championships, I know it's Hawkeye Hustlers but don't know their names.

These photos are from Marsha Almond in Ontario, they were taken just a few weeks ago:


I know this is Rukus, highest pointed dog in flyball (as of the tournament
this photo was taken!) but i would really love more details!


I know it's Hard Drive, but don't know all the dogs/people


Who is this dog? (he's adorable)


Who is this gorgeous creature?

Ok, I have more photos to be identified, but 17 pictures is enough for one blog post. This thing will probably be painfully slow to load, sorry folks!

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Photo 5 Teddy Reeking Havoc
Photo 12 Simon Reeking Havoc

Kim said...

I think 4 is Thug from RPM. Ask Russ Helganz If that's Thug.

Unknown said...

Thanks Heather..yes Photo 5 is my nieces' dog Teddy, a mini Labradoodle her name is Mandy Kincer. Photo 12 is my dog Simon, a Toy Fox Terrier and my name is Susan Floer. They both run with the Reeking Havoc Flyball Team of Southern Ohio. Thank you for choosing their pics! I will see a lot of these other teams this weekend at our tournament and can have them supply you with info on their photos.

Lisa Pignetti Murnan said...

Susan, I can't believe that out of thousands of possible photos I picked two of your dogs!! That is wild! Your family has very photogenic dogs. :)

I was going to use the pic of Teddy to show different breeds playing flyball, and the one of Simon as a great example of a height dog.

Thanks everybody, for your help with this!

I Like Flyball said...

The line judge in 13 is Melissa Paul of Rude Dogs West.

Unknown said...

Yes, 4 is Thug of RPM owned by Russ Helganz

Unknown said...

9 is Rude Dogs, left to right is Coach John Skalski with Octane going by, Sasha Falk handling Edge (can't see dog), Sharron Nevens handling Amp, Bill Pinder handling Diesel. Bill owns Diesel and the other dogs are owned by Connie Skalski

thugsdaddy said...

That's Thug.

Bella's Mom said...

Photo #10 is Lucky of Woof Gang.

justafriend said...

photo 15: Team Hard Drive from left to right is Kim Zeamer, Andy Patzer, Howie Zeamer, Kris Patzer.
Dogs in view from left to right is Cyber(female BS) and Stetson(male BC)

venham said...


Picture 17 is Rukus owned by Elva and Gord Bradley on the Dog-On-It team from Alton, Ontario. You can reach Elva at Elva Bradley ;

Unknown said...

Photo 2 Reach. 17 sassy Marsha's dog

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