Monday, November 19, 2012

Now Available: The Beginner's Guide to Flyball

I am really happy to announce that The Beginner's Guide to Flyball is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Here are some of the things covered in the book:
  • How to transform your dog from a beginner to a flyball champion, using positive training techniques and the latest methods
  • How to troubleshoot many of the common flyball training issues and challenges
  • Where to find a flyball club in your area (or how to start your own club)
  • How the rules and titles work in both flyball organizations
  • What to expect at a flyball tournament
  • What equipment you’ll need and how to find or make it

You can browse the entire Table of Contents and read a sample chapter on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The book is approximately 150 pages long and contains over 60 color photos from Len Silvester, Dave Strauss, Willie Moore, Todd and Stephanie Minnella, Marsha Lundy-Almond, Sam Bennett, Dave Thomas, and Dave Peake. Their photos really took the book to the next level.  (Many of you and your dogs are in them!)

Several people read drafts of this book and provided invaluable feedback: Kyle Mankes, Stephanie Minnella, Leerie Jenkins, Kate Corum, Kristie Austin Pope, Sarah Proctor, and Lisa Gironda.

I also incorporated a lot of your feedback from this blog. I consider the book to be a two-year group effort. :)

20% of all royalties from the book will go to the National Canine Cancer Foundation in memory of my Border Collie, Vette, and all the other great dogs out there who have battled hemangiosarcoma and other canine cancers. Here is a link to my dedicated donation page there:

The book is currently available as an ebook only, but the print book production is underway and I hope to have it available before Christmas.

Buy the Book:

Thank  you, friends, for all your support and help getting this book launched!


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